Modern Designs Driveways & Paving Case Study

Our customer, based in Solihull, decided to have a complete overhaul of their property’s patio and driveway.

First step was the dig-out, which took four days in total with over 90 tonnes of ground dug out to a depth of 200mm and removed from the site as the project required a large bank to be taken back to extend the patio.

Following this, we installed 120mm – 150mm of MOT type 1 hardcore which was compacted in layers to ensure its integrity and longevity.

We also had new brick walls which needed footings, so we installed a footing 450mm deep by 400mm wide, ready to take the retaining wall.

The retaining wall consisted of nearly 3000 bricks and 600 concrete blocks to build a 9-inch wall. Both the front and back skin of the wall were tied in every three course and every 1.5m apart using brick ties to ensure its structure and stability. The customer opted to cap the wall off in stunning double bull nose headers, which finished it really well and took away any shard corners.

Next came the patio, but the key to all patios is ensuring they are installed correctly and have somewhere for the water to drain. So, we installed new resin ACO drainage around the perimeter of the house, which takes away all water from the patio, so the customer never has to worry.

Finally, onto the patio. The customer decided to go for a nice magnum grey porcelain with a stunning anthracite border, which put a nice picture frame around this already stunning patio. We also installed lighting directly into the porcelain, finishing the patio off nicely.

Onto the driveway, the customer wanted to keep a similar style to the house and surrounding area, so opted for a stunning block paved drive using Tobermore Shannon block in bracken to finish the project off perfectly.

We use high-quality materials on all our projects, which makes a noticeable difference with the end result.